A Year in Review!

It’s the last day of 2018, but that doesn’t mean your goals stop here! Keep building on your successes, learn from the mistakes, and build your team!

This last year has been amazing and full of opportunity and lessons! Here are just a handful of our greatest achievements this year!

  1. We became the first certified LivePlan experts in Arizona! Pretty awesome, right?
  2. We clearly defined our company vision and mission!
  3. Our company’s  12 Points of Culture is clearly defined!
  4. We added an amazing resource page to our website!
  5. We have well defined and documented workflow processes and systems so that our clients receive a unique and uniform experiences from our Accounting Guides!

Five lessons from the past year!

  1. Focus your time and energy on tasks and projects that are directed to meeting your goals! Delegate – it can be employees or freelancers!
  2. Mistakes… we all make them! Just don’t repeat the same mistake twice. If it’s a recurring issue, address it head on and swiftly!
  3. Who is your ideal client – It’s not everyone! Be specific in identifying who is best suited to use your product or services. It’s a good idea to look at your current customers/clients and identify those that re difficult, items/products you lose profit, etc
  4. Vision and culture – you have to know who you are – define it, write it down, share it!
  5. Team – they should be A class employees, willing to go the extra mile, support your company vision and mission, and seek opportunity on their own.

We have some amazing goals for 2019! The good news… YOU’RE INCLUDED!


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