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118Accounting is a Chartered Accounting firm with a mission to support entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses to ultimately achieve financial freedom. We have a long history of operations, having been founded in the early 80s by Robin Powell who was a Chartered Accountant with a strong reputation for being a trusted financial and tax expert for small businesses.

Later on, Robin’s son and current owner, Mike Powell, joined him as a partner. When Robin passed away in March 2020, Mike, Hamza Moola, Cuan van der Linde and their team of dedicated accountants and advisors continue to build on their founder’s legacy.

Currently, 118Accounting has offices in Johannesburg and Ladysmith (in Kwa-Zulu Natal), but by embracing a truly digital operating model the firm is looking to implement a national growth strategy into specific verticals. As part of these expansion efforts, 118Accounting has also built financial solutions tailored to the Farming, Pharmacy and Fuel clients.

Our Core Values

At 118Accounting, our team is guided by the following core values in all our dealings with our clients:

  1. The client comes first and is the centre of everything we do.
  2. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  3. We love numbers!
      Because we know that there are often hidden gems of insights that are lurking beneath the surface, and once we uncover those insights we can deliver those insights in the form of value to you, our customer.
  4. We use technology to make magic!
      We are at the dawn of a new age in accounting, where accountants get to do more than just accounting. With the technology already available we are able to do things with your internal systems and processes that will at first appear to be magic!

Who We Work With

At 118Accounting, we establish solid and lasting relationships with our clients through exceptional solutions, personalised customer service, and strong expertise on various niches.

We love working with Entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses and achieve financial freedom:

  • Freedom from the grind of having to do the heavy financial lifting work themselves.
  • Freedom from the stress of worrying that they are non-compliant.
  • Freedom so that they can work on their businesses and achieve their bigger financial goals of being financially independent.

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